Digital Signage for Bars & Nightlife

Highlight drink specials and promote your happy hour menus.


Minimal Display powers eye-catching digital signage for businesses like yours across a wide range of industries.

Establish the Trend

Set Your Brand Apart

Bring your rotating handles and drink specials to life! Whether it’s a new cocktail, beer or new happy hour item, Minimal Display helps you promote it in style.

Immersive Marketing

Provoke guests to engage in your promotions

Our dynamic, personalized and easy to read displays drive sales by improving the ambiance and culture of your establishment.

Minimal Display

Benefits For Your Industry

1. Enhance the décor of your restaurants by incorporating digital signs.
2. Share information about chefs and display positive restaurant reviews.
3. Display information on upcoming events and entertainment in your area.
4. Streamline communication and operations within your establishment.
Bars & Nightlife

Create the place to be

With digital signage we enhance your branding efforts and increase efficiency

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