Hospitality & Entertainment

When it comes to menu boards we specialize in all spectrums.


Minimal Display powers eye-catching digital signage for businesses like yours across a wide range of industries.

Creative Flow

Hop Stork Chocolate & Coffee Shop

Guests are constantly coming and going and don’t have much time in between. By utilizing the power of clean, captivating digital signage, we help your guests stay informed.

Maximize Signage Potential

Highlight luxury amenities

By displaying weather, local attractions, things to do and places to visit, we speak directly to your clientele to create an experience they won’t forget.

Minimal Display

Benefits For Hospitality and Entertainment

1. We create a fun and inviting place where guests feel at home.
2. Let us promote positive reviews and posts on your boards via Twitter, and Instagram.
3. Work with you to Inform guests with a virtual concierge of news, events, and nearby attractions.
4. We market your products and services with digital menus, graphics, and videos.
Shepherd Coffee and Co.

Used our displays

At Minimal Display we use all of resources to transition your business to digital signage quickly and easily.

Hospitality and Entertainment

thrive with digital signage