Frequently Asked Questions

What is Minimal Display?

Minimal Display is a team of graphic designers, digital technologists, and installation and maintenance specialists work to produce, enhance, and maintain the visual representation of your business. This means signage that is personalized to your industry and your brand. We work with Restaurants, Offices, Bars and Nightspots, Retail Spaces, Lifestyle Brands, Hospitals, Healthcare Providers, Financial Institutions, and Special Events Teams to provide comprehensive display packages that best convey their branding. If your industry isn’t listed here, it’s only because we haven’t met yet.

How do i get started with Minimal Display?

We offer completely personalized service, our process may vary from client to client. However, it all starts with consultation. To get started click here and fill out our form. Once we review your request we will will contact you directly via phone or email.

If you have questions, request more information or call us at (619) 483-1032.

Is Minimal Display compatible with all displays?

Absolutely. No matter the size, our device easily connects to any HD screen with HDMI input. Engage your audience with TVs, projectors, and even jumbotrons.

What comes in your Minimal Display Kit?

1- Minimal Display Device:  This is the media player that will power your screens.
2- Power Adapter:  This provides the juice needed to run your Minimal Display Device. USA style plug.
3- HDMI cable:  This connects your Minimal Display Device to your display.

How much does Minimal Displays service cost?

Our pricing is based on the number of displays you want to use, installation rates (depending on your location) and the consultation time and efforts dedicated to your project. We have discounts for annual plans.

How can I pay for Minimal Display

We accept all major credit cards for Monthly payments, and we accept credit card, check, or wire transfer for Annual payments.

Does Minimal Display have a warranty?

Yes, Minimal Display has your back with our 1 Year Limited Warranty on Minimal Display Devices.

For your first year as an Minimal Display customer, you have protection from defects in your device, and software. Minimal Display is not responsible for stolen, lost, physically damaged, or destroyed hardware.


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